Julian Gillett


Hello. I’m Julian Gillett, founder of Blue Shore. I’ve been an accountant for more than 30 years, seven of which I spent as the Finance Director for a major national retailer. In my time, I’ve supported hundreds of businesses in just about any sector you can think of, building relationships that have lasted years and even decades.

As I see it, an accountant’s job is about a lot more than just prepping accounts and delivering tax returns – important as those jobs are. We need to understand our clients as people and relate to the issues they face both in work, and outside. I really enjoy explaining some aspect of tax to a client and watching them get it, maybe for the first time – and feel empowered as a result.

I’m also a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and have been a member since 1996. I mention that not because I like showing off the letters after my name but because I believe training and qualifications matter. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves an accountant, and too many unqualified people do just that. I should know – I’ve cleaned up the mess they’ve left behind on more than a few occasions.

Beyond work, I should probably mention that my house in the country is a bit of a zoo, between the dogs, horses and tropical fish. If you like animals – and, come on, who doesn’t? – we’re bound to get along pretty well.

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