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Purposefully small

We’re a purposely small firm so we can focus on delivering the best prices and the best personal service.

Real people

That’s why a REAL person will recieve this form and email you a personalised quote within 24 hours.

No obligation

Don’t worry there’s no obligation and we won’t call you unless you ask us to.

Don't repeat yourself

If you like the sound of things, we’ll be able to pick up the conversation without you needing to go back over all the details.

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Use the form below to tell us about your business and needs so we can give you a quote today.

Make the move

Once you’ve told us you want to engage us, we’ll sort things with your current accountant, if necessary.

Build for success

Paperwork and process complete, we’ll get you fully onboarded, from cloud software to secure data setup.

A different approach to fees

Fair pricing based on our own winning formula.

Nobody likes unexpected hefty bills.

When we talk to new clients one of the reasons they give for switching is frustration or confusion by how their previous accountant billed them.

And getting billed for what you thought was an informal chat or a routine query really stings – and makes you afraid to pick up the phone.

At Blue Shore, we thought long and hard about how to tackle this and came up with a simple, transparent billing system.

Rest assured

It means you’ll always know what you’ve signed up for, what we’re going to deliver, how much it will cost and when we’ll expect you to pay. It’s all part of our wider mission to reduce the burden on our clients through efficiency and openness.

Key pricing factors

Business structure

If you’re a sole trader with relatively simpler needs, you’ll pay less than a limited company.

Business turnover

There’s no point charging anybody more than they can afford so we operate a sliding scale.

Number of transactions

We’ll estimate the time needed for bookkeeping and accounting and charge you fairly.

VAT registration

If you get our expert help with VAT, saving you money and time, we’ll charge a little more.

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