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Looking after clients is fulfilling for many reasons. Not only do you get to resolve someone’s problems but, if you do your job well, you find yourself with a great review from a happy customer. Find out how we’ve made a practical difference to businesses like yours.

“I engaged Julian to assist and advise me with the purchase of the recruitment agency that I worked in. He supported me with the strategy, business planning and funding of the purchase and remained contactable at all times of the process. Whenever I’ve needed help or advice I’ve always been able to pick up the phone and get the guidance I need. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his firm which provided an excellent service!”

Andrew Careswell | Managing Director of Field Recruitment Limited

“I needed high level support for a complex project I had no previous experience of. Julian guided me and worked with us as part of our team which was invaluable. I always felt safe asking questions which enabled me to learn faster and grow my knowledge in that area – thank you!”

Liza Gratton | Finance Director of the Indigo Group

“I was first recommended to Julian by our bank back in 2004, back then our business was a small on-line eBay furniture retailer with sales of barely £200,000. As well as the normal tax and accounts needed Julian’s firm introduced vital controls and monthly management accounts which we always went through in great detail and this allowed me the visibility I needed for growing and understanding the business during its rapid growth. From acorns grow oak trees as they say and at £140 Million I convinced him to join me as my Finance Director and during the following 7 years we become an international furniture retailer with revenues exceeding £300 Million.

I know though that his passion lies with smaller owner managed businesses and from personal experience over many years I cannot recommend him and his team highly enough.”

Jason Bannister | Founder of Oak Furnitureland

“My tax return started to get more complex when I purchased another rental property alongside being self-employed, and I felt I needed more support. I contacted Jess and she has been consistently brilliant. I feel confident in Jess completing my tax return effectively to ensure that I can further invest in the future. I also feel assured in Jess completing my tax return correctly with no extra pressure added to running my business. She is reliable and consistent with her quality of service and I highly recommend her.”

Dennika Bretti | Personal trainer and Landlord

“Every month the sub-contractors receive their payment and deduction statement. It’s a great peace of mind knowing that Jess has sorted the CIS monthly return, avoiding fines from HMRC. It allows me to concentrate on other aspects of the business. It’s a job well done.”

Kennedy Lillis | Sole trader

“I was a bit worried about my tax implications since I started renting my property and have a full time job. I needed some serious advice. After a visit to Jess, it was obvious to me that she would be appointed to deal with my tax affairs. It became so clear how to keep the accounts, develop the property and keep the tenant happy knowing repairs will be done. Jess takes care of my tax return each year and I have no need to worry.”

Amanda Cheyne | Landlord

“I didn’t know where to start with the administration side of going self-employed, but Jess talked me through it in plain English and put my mind at ease. She kept me informed of progress every step of the way and I was able to focus on launching my business. A 5-star service!”

Haylie Hammill | Owner of Home by Haylie

“Jess has supported me since setting up my business with bookkeeping, payroll, accounts and tax returns and I couldn’t recommend her enough. She is friendly, efficient and always explains things clearly. I am very impressed!”

Katie Williams | Director of Katie Alice Hairdressing Ltd

“I started my business in Childminding four years ago. At first I had very limited knowledge in bookkeeping and found it challenging to work on my accounts and keep on top of this aspect within my business.
Jess has been the most reliable and helpful source for my business. Jess is super-efficient and highly knowledgeable. It seems that nothing is too much of an effort for her. Her patience is astounding, and she makes me feel as though I can ask for help whenever needed.

Initially Jess taught me how to use Quickbooks, informing me that I would save money if I grew my knowledge on how to work my own accounts. She taught me how to invoice, track my expenses, calculate my gross profit margin, submit my accounts to HMRC and how to pay my tax and national insurance. Jess has always encouraged me to re-evaluate my methods, helping me grow as a business and increase my confidence in becoming a recent employer.
I have been an employer for one year now, with two members of staff, an assistant and an apprentice. Jess has taught me everything that I need to know in understanding employment law, how to register for PAYE, how to run the payroll and she has set up pensions for my staff.

Without Jess’ continuous help and support, I would be completely lost. I am deeply grateful for all that she has helped me achieve.”

Joanne Lillis | Owner of Rock and Rose Childminding

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