Annual Accounts

We expertly prepare statutory annual accounts

Your incorporated business has to:

    • file annual accounts with Companies House each year
    • send them along to HMRC with your corporation tax return
    • they have to be accurate and delivered on time, every year, without fail

Accounting is complex, of course – that’s why there’s a whole profession dedicated to the art, and why our clients prefer to let us take care of it on their behalf.

Our senior team of fully qualified accountants will handle every aspect of your company’s annual accounts, from the preparation of the final documents to filing with the tax and regulatory authorities. Because they do this day in, day out, for so many clients, they know all the common pitfalls. They also have some tried and tested techniques for delivering accurate accounts, fast, using technology to keep you in the loop.

About those deadlines… Your annual accounts need to be filed within nine months of the company’s financial year-end. If you’ve just set up your company, you’ve got a bit more room to breathe: your first set of accounts have to be filed within 21 months of your registering with Companies House. If you need urgent help getting your accounts in order, talk to us as soon as possible so we can get you sorted.

Need help with your annual accounts?

Our experts are excited to hear from you, to learn about your business, and talk through the options and opportunities. Let’s get the ball rolling today and see what we can achieve together.

Management accounts

As well as statutory annual accounts our accountancy firm also provide a management accounts service – something related but subtly different. This service is about producing regular reports on your accounts for you and your management team so you can see what’s going well, what’s off target, and make decisions on the move.

It’s worth saying, too, that sole-trader accounts can also be useful, even if you’re not legally obliged to produce them. They can help in conversations with lenders and investors, as well as just giving you that all-important sense of oversight and control.

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