Managed Payroll

Let’s take the hassle out of your payroll.

Our trusted accountancy firm offers practical support in managing your business’s PAYE scheme. If your business employs people, whether they’re casual staff or permanent, you need to make sure they get paid every week or every month. That can be challenging enough, working out who is owed what based on the hours they’ve worked, and their terms and conditions. Throw in HMRC’s requirements around compliance and it can become a real drain on your time and energy. That’s why our clients implement our managed payroll, so they can make room to breathe.

As your payroll administrators, we’ll look after every aspect of your business’s pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) scheme. That includes pay calculations, based on the information you provide, including deductions for things like student loans and child maintenance. It also covers the generation of accurate payslips – and dealing with any queries your team might have about them. We’ll make sure workplace pension contributions are handled properly, too, including auto-enrolment pensions. Finally, our trusted accountancy firm will look after the filing of your payroll return to HMRC each month.

  • Why is payroll so complicated? It’s largely because successive governments have handed more and more responsibilities to employers, from the collection of taxes to the payment of benefits such as maternity, paternity and sick pay. Combine that with increasing flexibility of working patterns and you find you’ve got complex calculations to make for every single member of staff. An 18-year-old management apprentice will need very different treatment from a part-time 38-year-old currently on paternity leave.

As specialist accountants for the building industry, we’ve got particular experience administering the construction industry scheme (CIS return). In retail and hospitality, the issues are often around managing a constant flow of temporary or casual staff – and for hospitality in particular, there are staff tips and TRONC schemes to take into account.

Want to benefit from managed payroll?

Let’s get started, as soon as you’re ready. Our accounting firm offers you the payroll advice and services you require. Contact us today and let us take care of your payroll management.

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