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    Our CIS service includes:

    Specialised CIS compliance

    Instant support

    Contractor and subcontractor expertise

    Transparent pricing

    Focus on business growth

    Easy contact and accessibility.

    Specialist CIS accounting services.

    Are you tired of dealing with the complexities of the construction industry scheme (CIS)? The constant recording, reporting and filing can be a nightmare, not to mention the potential compliance issues that may arise. That’s where our team of expert CIS accountants can help.

    At Blue Shore, we provide specialised accountancy services designed to help you navigate through the maze of CIS reporting and compliance effortlessly. From registering with HMRC to delivering expert advice and guidance, we stand as your unwavering partners, fortifying your every venture in the construction sector with financial acumen and precision.

    Here’s how we can help:

    CIS compliance & verification

    We ensure that your construction work abides by the CIS rules. We’ll handle subcontractor verifications and monthly returns and provide accurate deduction statements, making the compliance process much smoother.

    Tax planning & advice

    Our extensive knowledge of CIS enables us to offer sound advice and guidance on tax planning. We help you understand every tax deduction available in the scheme, ensuring your business thrives.

    Financial reporting & self assessment tax return

    With our clear and concise financial reports and self-assessment tax return services, you’ll have all the information you need to make informed decisions for your construction projects.

    Payroll & subcontractor payments

    We’ll manage your staff and subcontractor payments meticulously, allowing you to concentrate fully on your construction projects.


    Why choose Blue Shore.


    Specialised CIS expertise

    Our unparalleled understanding of the construction industry scheme ensures your construction work is always compliant, minimising risks.

    Personalised support

    We provide dedicated support and valuable advice, custom-tailored to your specific needs in the construction sector.

    Up-to-date knowledge

    We keep abreast of the latest CIS regulations, ensuring you’re always informed and compliant and helping your business avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

    Transparent pricing

    Our clear, value-driven pricing ensures you understand every cost involved, providing real benefits to your business.

    Our approach — the human touch.

    In a world where numbers rule, we believe in putting people first. Our unique human approach sets us apart, creating lasting relationships built on trust, understanding, and mutual respect. 

    We genuinely care about the well-being and growth of your business, going the extra mile to ensure your financial stability and success. We pride ourselves on being approachable and available, always ready to lend a listening ear and provide expert advice tailored to your specific needs.

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    Julian Gillett


    I’ve been an accountant for more than 30 years, seven of which I spent as the Finance Director for a major national retailer.

    Jessica Peart from the BlueShore team

    Jessica Peart

    Practice Manager

    Hi! I’m Jessica Peart. I’m a fellow of the ACCA and have more than 15 years experience in accountancy.

    Karolina Jankos from the BlueShore team

    Karolina Jankos


    Hi! I’m Karolina Jankos. I have over 15 years of experience supporting businesses with their finances and compliance.


    Kevin Kibble

    I’m a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. I first started work in an Accountancy practice in 1984 and worked my way up through the firm to become partner in April 2000, a position I held for over sixteen years.

    Why choose our service?

    The construction industry is brimming with opportunities, and we’re here to help you seize them. Our accountancy services are your ticket to growing your business within the construction sector. 

    We delve deep into the nuances of CIS, providing holistic solutions that resonate with your unique needs in construction work. We’re all about building enduring partnerships and aligning our services to facilitate your journey to success in the construction industry.

    In the bustling world of construction, Blue Shore is your beacon. We’re not just accountants; we’re your partners, helping you build a secure and prosperous future in the sector. With us, you’ll navigate the complexities of the construction industry scheme with ease and confidence.

    Ready to elevate your construction journey?

    As expert CIS accountants , we’re ready to help you. Get in touch today.

    Do you need help with a CIS return?

    Let us help you make sense of the construction industry scheme tax return requirements and make sure that you are compliant. We’re excited to hear from you, to learn about your business, and talk through the solutions our accounting firm can offer you.

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