What is an online accountant?

Oct 18, 2023 | Digital accounting

The term ‘online accountant’ might throw you a curveball, especially if you’re used to visiting a brick-and-mortar bank branch or scheduling face-to-face meetings with your accountant.

But today, just as you can now check your accounts from a banking app, accounting has entered the digital era.

So, let’s get you acquainted with the ins and outs of online accountancy.

Defining online accountants

Platform-centric operations

Online accountants function primarily through digital platforms.

Clients can easily access their financial data, communicate with their accountant, and utilise integrated tools like cloud-based bookkeeping systems and advanced tax calculators. The emphasis here is on convenience, adaptability and real-time access.

Accessibility and flexibility

Operating online translates to unparalleled flexibility, and clients aren’t bound by typical office hours.

Whether it’s late-night budget queries, urgent tax advice, or sharing digital receipts for bookkeeping, online accountants provide services that cater to dynamic needs.

Comprehensive digital services with a human touch

While online accountants leverage cutting-edge tools to offer services like bookkeeping, tax advisory, and financial planning, they also prioritise personal relationships with their clients.

Behind every digital interaction is a real, qualified professional dedicated to understanding and addressing individual business needs.

This combination of tech-driven efficiency and personalised service ensures that clients get the best of both worlds.

What is an online accountant? It’s more than just numbers on a screen

By going online, accounting services have become more accessible, agile, and adaptable. Let’s break down what that means for you and your business:

Digital bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is the bedrock of accounting. Online accounting platforms that take advantage of software, such as Xero, provide automated data entry, real-time transaction tracking and tagging.

No more manual entries or ledger balancing; everything is recorded, organised, and accessible 24/7.

Tax advisory and compliance

Tax laws and regulations are complex and change often. Accounting isn’t just about ensuring you pay what you owe, but also about strategic tax planning.

With an online accountant, you’ll receive timely reminders, guidance on deductions, and insights on tax breaks tailored for your business sector.

Payroll processing

Managing employee salaries, deductions, and benefits becomes a breeze.

Online accounting platforms automate payroll calculations, ensure HMRC compliance, and provide digital payslips. This means fewer errors and happier employees.

Cashflow management

With real-time data analytics, online accounting services offer dynamic cash flow projections.

You can view your current financial health and future predictions, helping you make informed decisions about investments, expenditures and strategies for growth and progression.

Financial reporting

Detailed yet easy-to-understand reports are at the core of effective decision-making.

The data is presented in intuitive dashboards, from profit and loss statements to balance sheets. Visual analytics and trends highlight areas of insight, providing businesses with the data they need to plan ahead.

Expert consultations

Behind online accountants are a team of dedicated professionals.

Whether you have a query about VAT returns or need advice on business expansion, real human experts are just a call or video chat away.

Why move your accounting needs online?

Unparalleled accessibility

Dive into the age of digital convenience. With online accounting, your financial data is available 24/7, no matter where you are.

Whether you’re checking in from a café or during a business trip abroad, your financial insights are just a click away.

Efficiency and centralisation

The digital era heralds the end of cluttered desks and filing cabinets. Online platforms consolidate all your financial data, streamlining tasks like invoicing, expense tracking, and tax preparations.

With intuitive tools and automated processes, managing your finances becomes a seamless experience.

Cost-effective solutions

Say goodbye to premium fees without compromising quality.

Online accountants, unhindered by the overheads of physical spaces, can offer top-notch services at competitive prices.

You’ll get the expertise and tools of a traditional accountant but at a fraction of the cost.

Ready to dive in?

Still wondering to yourself, ‘what is an online accountant’?

Think of it this way: It’s the perfect blend of modern tech convenience with the expertise and reliability of traditional accountancy.

We at Blue Shore provide cutting-edge online accountancy services tailored towards individuals and businesses of all sizes.

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